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The Facts

  1. “DNA exoneration” is the process of a person being proved innocent post-conviction through DNA testing and evidence.
  2. In the US, there have been 1467 exonerations, 321 of them involving DNA.
  3. The first DNA exoneration case involved Gary Dotson and took place in 1989 in Chicago.
  4. The average length of sentence time served by DNA exonerees is 13.6 years. The total number of years served by all DNA exonerees is 4,156 years.
  5. 70% of prisoners exonerated by DNA testing are people of color.
  6. 2013 had the highest number of total exonerations with 91, 18 involving DNA exoneration and 73 non-DNA exonerations.
  7. Texas holds the highest number of DNA exonerations at 49.
  8. 75% of DNA exonerations stem from misidentification from an eyewitness.
  9. 27 states provide compensation for each year the exonerees were wrongfully imprisoned once they’ve been released.
  10. If given enough time, at least 1 in 25 people would be exonerated from death row in the US.